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Helps Get Eye Drops in Your Eye Every Time!


Reflective Surface

Use until your eye drop bottle is finished

EZ DropsAdheres to Any Size
Eye Drop Bottle

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E-Z DROPS is the BEST eye drop dispenser aid for Glaucoma, dry eyes or eye infection.

Here's why:

  1. E-Z DROPS can be used with ANY type of prescription or over-the-counter medication.
  2. E-Z DROPS NEVER touches your eye or lid area. You never compromise the sterility of your dropper and you won't blink, squeeze, or close your eyes, because there is no plastic on your lid margins.
  3. E-Z DROPS is DISPOSABLE. You use a brand new applicator with each new bottle or single dose dropper.
  4. E-Z DROPS allows you to CONCENTRATE on the reflection of your own eye, not on the drop coming at you like a torpedo. When you see the reflection of your eye in the bulls-eye, squeeze the bottle and drop your drops!
  5. E-Z DROPS comes in a PACKAGE of 2 disposable applicator strips. This allows you to use as many strips as needed at any one time. This is great for people using more than one type of eye drop product simultaneously.
  6. E-Z DROPS can be used with ANY size or type of bottle, whether it is medicinal for an allergy or simply a lens cleaner solution.
  7. E-Z DROPS is an AID to independent living.

If you use therapeutic eye drops, it is important to allow your Doctor to assist you with the use of your eye drops to help preserve your eyesight. If you have glaucoma, Dry Eyes, infection, then contact EZDROPS in Port St Lucie, FL. Our device is the BEST eye drop guide and aid available!

Save time and money on eye drops while maintaining eye drop compliance! If you are using any type of eyedrops for any reason, for example: cataracts, allergies, dry eyes, eye infection, eye disease, glaucoma, keratitis, excessive tearing, pink eye, refractive surgery such as Lasik or Lasek, or if you are a sports enthusiast or contact lens wearer, then E-Z DROPS is the do-it-yourself eye drop help device that saves you time and money!

Are your contact lenses causing dry eye syndrome? Choose E-Z Drops today for all of your eye drop trouble and see our instructions on how eye drops can be an easier task!

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the BEST eye drop aid available today

If you have glaucoma, dry eyes or an eye infection then E-Z DROPS is the BEST eye drop aid available today.

If you are an Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, Dispensing Optician or Pharmacist, then E-Z DROPS is a great product to add to your product line.

Wholesale Discounts Available.

How to use E-Z Drops:

E-Z Drops Interview with Wayne Filowitz WRPBITV

How to Use E-Z Drops: 3 Easy Steps

EZ to Peel 1 Peel Off sticky Tape.
EZ to Adhere 2 Adhere to your eye drop bottle as shown, aligning eye dropper tip with blue dot in center of target.
EZ to Place 3 Place horizontally on bridge of nose. Use opposite forefinger to pull down lower eyelid for more exposure. When you see your eye in center of target, gently squeeze out drops. Only use the dosage required by your physician.

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